Sir Syed College

Location: Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala, India

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Campus

The College


Affiliated to Kannur University.

Accredited to NAAC at B+ level.


Sir Syed College is situated in the Taliparamba Municipality of

Kannur District of Kerala State. Established in 1967 the institution

was the culmination of a search by a socially committed team for a

goal, not thought to be easily achievable in the region, the search

for a center of higher education and a solution to the educational

backwardness of an area and of a community that was officially

classified educationally backward. The idea took the embryonic form

in 1966, when the then minister for education late Janab

C.H.Muhammed Koya officially announced the Government’s decision to

sanction a College under the Cannanore District Muslim Educational

Association (CDMEA) from the academic year 1967 onwards. The college

was formally inaugurated by the then Chief Minister late

E.M.S.Namboodiripad at a function presided over by Janab

C.H.Mohammed Koya. The institution was appropriately named after the great Muslim socio-educational reformer Sir Syed Ahamed Khan, symbolizing the

revival of modern learning targeted through the institution – a

cause dear to, and religiously pursued by the eventual founder of

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Academic Programmes offered

UG (Annual system) 13 Courses

PG (Semester System) 5 Courses

For UG Part 1 English is compulsory. We offer Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu

and Arabic as second languages.


1. Department of Botany

Courses offered

B.Sc. Botany (Main) Chemistry and Zoology (Subsidiaries)

M.Sc. Botany

Optional Subjects 1. Biotechnology 2. Genetics and Crop Improvement



K.S. Fathima M.Sc. (HoD)

Dr. K. Raveendran M.Sc., Ph.D., (Research Guide)

P.M. Beebi Razeena M.Sc., M.Phil.

Dr. K. M. Khaleel M.Sc., Ph.D. (Research Guide)

S. Abidal Beevi M.Sc., M.Phil.

Valsamma Thomas M.Sc., B.Ed.

M. Nisreen M.Sc., M.Phil.

Dr. P.A.Fathima M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph.D. (on deputation)

2. Department of Chemistry

Courses offered

B.Sc. Chemistry (Main) Mathematics and Physics (Subsidiaries)

M.Sc. Chemistry

Optional Subjects 1. Environmental Chemistry 2. Organic Polymers



P. Govindan Namboodiri M.Sc. (HoD)

I.V.K. Indira M.Sc.

P.M. Sarojini M.Sc.

Dr. Zeinul Hukeman M.Sc., Ph.D.

P.K. Abdul Jaleel M.Sc., M.Phil.

K.P. Muhammadali M.Sc.

Saheed Vannathan kandi M.Sc., B.Ed.

Mohammed Asharaf Vazhapully. M.Sc., B.Ed.

3. Department of Mathematics


Courses offered

BSc Mathematics (Main) Statistics and Physics (subsidiaries)


P. Moosa, M.Sc.M.Phil (HoD)

Jaseentha Lukha, M.Sc.

4. Department of Physics

Courses offered

B.Sc Physics (Main) Mathematics and Chemistry (subsidiaries)

M.Sc. Physics

Optional subjects 1. Microprocessors 2.Electronic instrumentation


K.M. Muraleedharan. M.Sc., M.Phil. (HoD)

M.P. Narayanan, M.Sc.

V.P. Abdullakutty, M.Sc., M.Phil.

K.M. Praseed, M.Sc., M.Phil.

K.S. Pradeep, M.Sc.

M.N. Ramachandran. M.Sc., M.Phil.

T.P. Nafeesa Baby. M.Sc., B.Ed. (Redeployed as HSST)

Binumole P. Kuriakose. M.Sc., B.Ed. (Redeployed as HSST)

5. Department of Statistics

Courses offered

BSc Statistics (Main) Mathematics and Computer Science



A.P. Kuttykrishnan M.Sc., M.Phil. (On FIP)

B. Anitha M.Sc., M.Phil. (HoD)

G.D. Mashooda Kauser M.Sc., M.Ed.

6. Department of Zoology

Courses offered

BSc Zoology (Main) Chemistry and Botany (Subsidiaries)


K.V. Sulaikha M.Sc., M.Phil. (HoD)

B.K. Mohammed Habeebulla Ansari M.Sc.

P.A. Junaid M.Sc.

Dr. T.U.Abdul Jabbar M.Sc., Ph.D.

7. Department of Biotechnology

Courses offered

BSc Biotechnology (Main) Microbiology and Chemistry (Subsidiaries)

(Vocationalised degree course sanctioned by U.G.C)

Coordinator: Dr. K.M. Khaleel

8. Computer Center (Kannur University IT Education Center)

Courses offered:

M.Sc. Computer Science Coordinator: Mr. P. Moosa

9. Department of Forestry and Wood Technology

Courses offered

B.Sc Forestry and Wood Technology (Main) Chemistry and Botany


(Classes handled by Guest Faculty)


10. Department of Economics

Courses offered

BA Economics (Main) Banking and Mathematics for Economic Analysis



K. Subairu. M.A.

C.K. Hamza. M.A. B.Ed (Redeployed as HSST)

11. Department of History

Courses offered

B.A History (Main), Politics and History of Tourism (Subsidiaries)

Faculty Members

K.M. Nazeera M.A.M.Phil (HoD)

K.V. Padmanabhan. M.A.

E. Kunhiraman. M.A.D.B.A

S. Ajmal M.A. (on leave)

P.M. Salim M.A. B.Ed (Redeployed as HSST)

12. Department of Political Science


Meharunnisa Beegum M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. (HoD)

K.Abdul Nazar. M.A.B.Ed. M.Phil


13. Department of Arabic

Courses offered

BA Arabic (Main), Thareekhul Islam Assiyassi and Thareekhul Islam

thaquafi (Subsidiaries)


K.M. Abdul Bari M.A., M.Phil. (HoD)

M.K. Shoukathali M.A., B.Ed.

E.P. Hashim M.A.

K. Usman Ali M.A.

Ismail Olayikkara M.A., B.Ed.

14. Department of English

Courses offered

BA Functional English (Main) Journalism and History of Britain



P.K. Abdulla. M.A., M.Phil. (HoD)

K. Gangadharan, M.A.

K. Haroon Rasheed, M.A.

P. Ramkumaran. M.A.

N. Gopinathan. M.A., M.Phil.

P. Kishore Kumar. M.A.

T.P. Mohammed Shareef. . M.A.

N.M.Waheeda. M.A., M.Phil.

15. Department of Hindi


C.P.Hafsath. M.A. (HoD)

16. Department of Malayalam


P. Suresan. M.A., (HoD)

Rathnamma Thunooli. M.A., M.Phil.

Dr. P.T. Abdul Azeez M.A. Ph.D. (on deputation)

T.V. Purushothaman, M.A., B.Ed

17. Department of Urdu

Faculty members

Md.Yakoob Sherif M.A., M.Phil. (HoD)

Abdullakutty Malikkan M.A., B.Ed.


18. Department of Commerce

Courses offered Co-operation (optional) Finance (optional)


P.I. Laila, M.Com. M.Phil. (on FIP)

M.V. Krishnan M.Com., M.Phil. (HoD)

M. Thahirjan M.Com.

P.V. Raveendran. M.Com., M.Phil.

C.P. Kunhammed M.Com.

V. Abdulla. M.Com. M.Phil., PGDT

T.P. Mamootty. M.Com., M.Phil, PGDDE (on FIP)

Sheelamma Mathew. M.Com.

C. Sreedharan B.Sc., B.L. (Part time lecturer)


Facilities have been provided for Football, Basketball, volleyball,

Cricket, Khabadi, Ball Badminton, Shuttle badminton, Table Tennis

Lawn Tennis, Handball, Kho-kho and Athletics. We have a full-fledged

gymnasium sponsored by Sir Syed Alumni. The sports pavilion is

sponsored by the family members of late Janab.A.K. Kader Kutty

Sahib, former President of CDMEA.


Lucy Remy B.Sc.M.P.Ed. (HoD)

T. Illyas .B.A. M.P.Ed.


College library has a collection of 30784 books and 91 journals &

periodicals of national and international level. Internet, Fax and

Photostat facilities are available in the library.


Abdul Rasheed T., M.Lib.Sc.

Contribution in curriculum design of university

Mr. E. Kunhiraman, Dept. of History is a member of the Kannur

University Syndicate

Dr. P.A. Fathima, Dept. of Botany (On deputation) is a Syndicate

member of the M G University

Mr. P.V. Raveendran, Dept.of Commerce, Mr. K.P.Muhammadali, Dept. of

Chemistry and Mr. Abhilash Mohan, III B.A. (Functional English) are

the Senate members of Kannur University.

The following members of the faculty are nominated in the following

Board of Studies of Kannur University.

Mr.K.M. Abdul Bari and Mr. E.P.Hashim ---(Arabic UG & PG Combined)

Dr. K.M. Khaleel ---- (Botany PG Chairman) & Mrs. M. Nisreen--member

Mr.K.P. Muhammadali (Chemistry PG) and Mr. P. Govindan Namboodiri

(Chemistry UG)

Mr. M.V. Krishnan (Commerce PG Chairman)

Mr. C.P. Kunhahammed, Mr T.P. Mamootty and Mrs. M. Thahirjan (UG


Mr. N. Gopinathan (English UG)

Mr. K. Subairu (Economics UG)

Dr. K. Raveendran (Forestry &Wood Technology UG –Chairman & Mrs.

Valsamma Thomas – Member)

Mr. P. Moosa & Mrs. Jaseentha Lukha (Mathematics UG)

Dr. T.U. Abdul Jabbar (Zoology UG)

Mrs. B. Anitha (Statistics UG)

Mr. M.P. Narayanan (Physics PG- Chairman) and Mr. K.S. Pradeep

(Physics UG)

Mr. Meharunnissa Beegum (Political Science UG)

Mr. K.V. Padmanabhan (History UG


The aim of Sir Syed College is the educational and moral upliftment

of the Muslim minority in particular and rurally backward public in

general. Management Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association (CDMEA) runs the College. There is a separate Governing Body of CDMEA members to

supervise the functioning of Sir Syed College. The 20 members

Governing Body with Janab K. Abdul Kader (Chairman), and Adv. V. P.

Ahammad Kunhi (Manager & Correspondent) has the Principal as

ex-officio members.


Principal is the administrative head of the institution. College

office headed by the Senior Superintendent assists the Principal in

day-to-day administration. Prof. K.T. Ahamed Kutty M.Sc., M.Phil is the present Principal and

Mr. T.M.Saleem is the Senior superintendent.

The college council consisting of Heads of all the Departments, two

elected staff members, librarian and NCC officers advise the

Principal in all the academic and administrative matters.


The growth and expansion of the college:


1967 - Old block

1974 - Library block

1978 - Men’s Hostel

1980 - Zoology and Botany Lab.

1985 - Administrative block

1989 - I.T. Lab. (Funded by Maulana Azad Education Foundation, New


1992 - Ladies Hostel

1993 - NSS Bhavan

1997 - Ladies Retreat (Funded by Mr.Abdulla Subair)

2001 - IT Centre - Auditorium (Nearing competition)

2003 - Library extension

- Students’ Centre (Funded by PTA)

- Sports Pavilion (Sponsored by family members late Janab.

A.K. Khader Kutty Sahib

2005 - Computational Chemistry lab (Funded by Ajit Balakrishnan



1967 - Pre-degree courses

1969 - B.Sc (Maths.), B.Sc (Zoology), B.A. (History), B.Com

1974 - B.Sc (Botany)

1979 - B.A. (Arabic)

1980 - M.Com., B.Sc. (Chemistry)

1981 - M.Sc. (Botany)

1981 - B.Sc. (Statistics)

1982 - B.Sc. (Physics)

1993 - B.A. (Economics)

1995 - M.Sc. (Physics)

1998 - B.A. (Functional English)

1999 - B.Sc. (Forestry & Wood Technology)

2001 - M.Sc. (Chemistry)

2001 - B.Sc. Bio-technology – Vocationalized Degree course

sanctioned by UGC)

2001 - M.Sc. Computer Science

2004 - Research in Botany

2005 - Research in Computational Chemistry

2006 - Research in Chemistry

The first batch of the college had on its roll 339 students and 12

teachers. It is noteworthy that the first batch of students included

only one Muslim girl student. It is from this state that Sir Syed

College has grown up to shelter and impart higher education to the

557 Muslim girls now on the roll.

The NAAC Peer Team consisting of Rev. Dr. Ignacimuthu S.J.

(Chairman). Prof. A.M. Puttaswamy Gowda (Member coordinator) and

Prof. Ranganath (Member) visited the campus on December 10 th 11 th

–2004 to assess and accredit the college. The executive committee of

NAAC on the recommendation of the Peer Team, declared the college

accredited at the B + level (institutional score = 77.25%) for a

period of five years with effect from February 28, 2005.

Degree Rank holders 2004-2005

B.A. History

B.A. Arabic

B.A. Economics

B.A. Functional English


B.Sc. Biotechnology

B.Sc. Statistics

B.Sc. Forestry& Wood Technology

PG Rank holders

M.Sc. Botany

M.Sc. Chemistry

M.Sc. Physics

M.Com. Vrinda E.

Fousiya T.I.

Rasiya A.G.

Sainul Abideen P.K.

Nasari T.

Jaseema K

Reslin Gafoor

Sree Hari V V

Sunesh Sethumadhavan

Varun M

Dhanya Surendranath

Reshma P

Salija P



Dilna K.

Shyna V.K.

Gayathri R.Nambiar

Shalini N.G

Sapna P.

Shaji E.V.IRank

II Rank

I Rank

II Rank

III Rank

II Rank

III Rank

I Rank

I Rank

II Rank

III Rank

I Rank

II Rank

I Rank

II Rank

III Rank

I Rank

II Rank

I Rank

III Rank

II Rank

University Champions

1.Badminton (Women)

2.Ball Badminton (Men)

3.Lawn Tennis (Women)

University runners up

1.Soft Ball (Men)

2. Ball Badminton (Women)

Individual Champions

1.Afeela C.K (Lawn Tennis)

2.Manu M.P. II B.Com represented Kerala State in Cricket (Under 19)

3.Moideen C.H, III B.A. Economics got first place in State Wrestling


4.Anas Hashim, III B.Com is the Mr. Kannur University

5.24 players of our college represented Kannur University in various


Important events (2005-2006 )

International Year of Physics was celebrated on 9 th and 11 th

November 2005.

Dr. A. Augustine, Dr. T.L. Remadevi and Dr. ShyjuMon ( IIT Madras)

presented papers on various topics.

Department of Biotechnology conducted International Seminar on

Current Trends in Biotechnology on 5 th January 2006.

Dr. Manfred Jahrmarkt (Vice Chancellor, Calw University, Germany)

Dr. P.ChandraMohan(Vice Chancellor, Kannur University).

Dr. Julia Sander (Vice Chancellor, Relington University, Germany) .

Dr. Thomas Hersche participated. Three research papers were


Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association (CDMEA)

The Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association was founded on

April 28, 1964 at a meeting of eminent and socially committed

Muslims, convened at Taj Hotel, Tellicherry. Late Jb. P.P. Ummer

Kutty Haji chaired the meeting. An Executive Committee consisting of

27 members with Jb. V. Khalid Sahib as President and late Jb. Adv.

P.M. Aboobacker as Secretary and late Jb. N.N. Ahamed Haji as

Treasurer was constituted unanimously.

The aim of the Association was to work for the educational progress

of the Muslims of the erstwhile Kannur District (consisting of

present Kannur and Kasaragod Districts and North Wynad Taluk). The

Association’s jurisdiction is even now the old Kannur District. What

inspired the founders of the Association to form such an

organization was the educational backwardness of the area and

especially of Muslim community and their earnest desire to elevate

them from this dismal state.

The immediate attention of the Association soon after its formation

was attracted towards the pitiable condition of the Muslim boys and

girls coming from poor family who were gifted by God with immense

talent and immeasurable desire for study but hampered only by their

poverty. The only remedy was to assist them financially to complete

their studies. The Association envisaged a scheme for this and

implemented it. Though the scheme had a setback for some time now it

is being implemented with vigor and fervor.

One can imagine the thrilling emotional gratification the members of

the Association derive as they see around them persons who got

financial assistance from the Association to complete their studies

and occupy position of eminence in the society. They are buds that

would have been blown by adverse winds but blossomed into bright

flowers, thanks to CDMEA.

Muslims of this region very badly felt the need to start a college

of their own to meet the growing demands of ever-increasing numbers

of students of the community who seek admission to colleges but the

avenue for the same was missing.

In those days there were only a few colleges in the north Malabar

region. There the seats were usually not available for Muslim

students because admission was strictly on merit, which generally

Muslim candidates lacked miserably. So the Association started an

Arts and Science College, the Sir Syed College in Taliparamba, in

1967 in 25 acre land donated for this purpose by Taliparamba Juma

Masjid Trust Committee. The then Muthavalli of the Trust Jb. K.V.

Zeiuddin Haji deserved special gratitude for this magnificent gift.

The Muslim community of Kerala in general and Kannur area in

particular remembers with great gratitude and high respect the

patient sufferings, hard work and general contributions made by

those peerless pioneers and charismatic leaders like Jb. C.K.P.

Cheriya Mammoo Keyi Sahib (Vice President) and Jb. V.P. Mahamood

Haji Sahib (General Secretary, CDMEA). Some other important members

and office bearers of the Association who also rendered great

service to it were Dr. A.V. Abdul Azeez Sahib, Jb. M.V. Aboo Sahib

both former General Secretaries, Jb. C.O.T. Kunhi Pakki Sahib and

Adv. K.K. Usman Kutty Sahib, both former Manager and Correspondent,

Sir Syed College.

Among the leading lights of CDMEA Jb. A.K. Kader Kutty Sahib was a

luminous figure. His zest for education, inspiring leadership and

enviable service are still fresh in the minds of the Muslim

community. But for him Sir Syed College would have been a poor

shadow of what it is today. Many Life Members of the Association

like Jb. P.C.K. Thangal, Dr. A.K. Kather Kunhi and Kallatra Abdul

Kader Haji served the Association with devotion.

The Association is now managed by 60 members Executive Committee

1. Janab. K.S. Abdulla Sahib


2. Janab. K. Abdul Kader Sahib

Vice President & Chairman, Governing Body, Sir Syed College

3. Janab. Abdurahiman Kallai Sahib

Vice President

4. Janab. S.A. Puthiya Valappil Sahib

Vice President

5. Dr. K.K. Pocker Sahib

Vice President

6. Janab. K.V. Muhammed Kunhi Sahib

General Secretary

7. Janab. Pilakandy Muhammadali Sahib


8. Adv. P. Mahamood Sahib


9. Janab. C. Khalid Engineer Sahib


10. Janab. P.K. Muhammed Sahib


11. Adv. V.P. Ahammad Kunhi Sahib

Member & Manager, Sir Syed College & SSITS

12. Janab. C.P. Moosan Kutty Engineer Sahib

Member & Manager, Keyi Sahib Training College

13. Janab. V.V. Usman Engineer Sahib

Member & Manager, Sir Syed High School

14. Adv. C.P. Abdul Azeez Sahid

Member & Former Manager & Correspondent, Sir Syed College.


15. Janab. E. Ahamed Sahib (M.P.)

16. Janab. K. Mahamood Sahib

17. Janab. Kallatra Abbas Hajee Sahib

18. Janab. P.P. Aboo Hajee Sahib

19. Janab. M. Aboobacker Hajee Sahib

20. Dr. C.O. Ummer Kutty Sahib

21. Janab. K. Musthafa Sahib

22. Janab. C.H. Aboobacker Hajee Sahib

23. Janab. P.P. Moosa Sahib (Ex. MLA)

24. Janab. I.K.C. Abdurahiman Hajee Sahib

25. Janab. L.V. Ummer Kunhi Hajee Sahib

26. Janab. K. Hussan Hajee Sahib

27. Janab. C. Mahamood Haji Sahib

28. Janab. A.K. Abootty Hajee Sahib

29. Janab. M. Faisal Hajee Sahib

30. Janab. N. Moosa Sahib

31. Janab. K.P. Abdul Samad Sahib

32. Janab. Konicherry Usman Sahib

33. Dr. P.C.P. Usman Sahib

34. Janab. P.K. Aboobacker Hajee Sahib

35. Janab. T.E. Abdulla Sahib

36. Janab. A. Abdul Rahiman Sahib

37. Janab. Kallatra Mayin Hajee Sahib

38. Janab. S. Ali Kunhi Sahib

39. Janab. P.C.P. Mahamood Hajee Sahib

40. Janab. T.K. Moideen Kunhi Sahib

41. Janab. C.P. Muhammed Kunhi Hajee Sahib

42. Janab. A. Abdulla Haji Sahib

43. Janab. P.P. Abdul Salam Sahib

44. Janab. K.K. Basheer Sahib

45. Janab. M. Mahamood Sahib

46. Janab. K. Azeez Sahib

47. Janab. P.K. Raheem Sahib

48. Janab. Ameer Ali Thayyil Sahib

49. Janab. Abdul Kader Panakat Sahib

50. Janab. P.K. Kasim Sahib

51. Janab. Mubarak Naushad Sahib

52. Janab. Mahamood T.P. Sahib

53. Janab. Abdu Kattitta Valappil Sahib

54. Janab. M. Moidu Haji Sahib

55. Janab. U. Saeed Sahib

56. Dr. A. Mohammed Farooque Sahib

57. Janab. K. Mohammed Ikbal Sahib

58. Janab. C.C.P. Beeran Kutty Sahib

59. Janab. M.T.P. Abdul Jabbar Sahib

60. Janab. S. Muhammed Basheer Sahib


Started functioning in 1990

Engaging remedial classes for weak students appearing for university

examination, special coaching classes for backward class students

for Medical and Engineering entrance examinations and various

coaching programmes for students appearing for N.E.T. and S.E.T.

Coaching classes are also conducted for candidates appearing for PSC

and UPSC Examinations

IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

The NAAC advocates the establishment of Internal Quality Assurance

Cell by all accredited institutions as a post accreditation quality

sustenance activity

The Primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious,

consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and

administrative performance of the institution


1. Adv. V P Ahammad Kunhi (Manager)

2. Janab. K V Muhammed Kunhi (Management nominee)

3. Mr. P C Vijayarajan (Local society representative)

4. Mr. K M Praseed (Coordinator)

5. Smt. KV Sulekha

6. Mr. P Sureshan

7. Mr. P A Junaid

8. Mr. V Abdulla

9. Mr. P Moosa

10. Mr. K.Subairu

11. Mr. N.Gopinathan

12. Mr.TM Saleem

13. Mr.Abdul Rasheed T

14. Prof. Ahamed Kutty K T., (Principal) Chairperson

Parent –Teacher Association

The PTA plays a prominent role in the academic and physical

development of the college. A college bus sponsored by PTA is

operating for the benefit of the students. An MoU has been signed by

the PTA and Co-operative Hospital Taliparamba to provide free

medical care to our students

The Tutorial Scheme

Students of the college are divided into groups and each group comes

under the personal care of a teacher designated as tutor. He/she

keeps regular watch over the progress and conduct of the students of

his/her group and advises them about their studies and personal


Grievance Redressal

A Permanent Grievance Redressal Cell, Discipline Committee and

Permanent Cell to combat Sexual Harassment monitor the overall

discipline of the students and help them to solve their grievances,

if any.

counseling CENTRE

College has a separate Counseling Center for boys and girls under

the supervision of male and female members of the faculty.

Career Guidance & Placement Center

The center assists the students in career and educational planning

by providing counseling classes. A Career Corner functions in the

library. Facilities for campus interviews are also provided.

National Cadet Corps

N.C.C (Boys) and N.C.C (girls) are functioning in the college.

Mrs. Jaseentha Lukka and Mr. Mohammed Ashraf Vazhappaly are the N C

C officers

National Service Scheme

There are three N S S units in the college.

Construction of ‘NSS Bhavan’ in the college supported by the

Management, (1997-98)

State level cultural competition for the blind, (1999-2000)

Two-day University level leadership camp, (2000-01) and Three-day

University level leadership camp (2001-2002) are the recent major


Mr. P.K. Noushad was awarded the “Kerala State Best Volunteer Award”

in 2003.

Tourism club

The club is affiliated to the District Tourism promotion Council

College Union

The office bearers of the College Union are elected annually by the

presidential system. The College Magazine is published annually. Our

College Magazine got Basheer Award for the Best College Magazine in

2001 and 2004 and Pamban Madhavan Award for the Best College

Magazine in 2002

Arts and Cultural Forum

University level elocution competition in Malayalam and English is

conducted annually in honor of late V.P. Mahamood Haji, the former

Secretary of CDMEA.

Photo and Nature Club

Science Forum

Ladies Association of Sir Syed College (LASS)

All women students and staff are the members of the Association.

Association attends to the problems of the members. Also conducts

talks and classes periodically to develop self-confidence among the


Researchers’ forum

This forum is meant to encourage research activity among teachers. A

journal titled “SEARCH” also is published.

College Co-Operative Society

Books and stationery articles at reasonable rates are available in

the college co-operative society.

Sir Syed college employee’s co-operative society

Health Center

Financial aid to students

In addition to the Central, State Govt., and university scholarships

the following institutional scholarships are instituted

Students aid fund

CDMEA scholarships

Dr. T P Balakrishnan memorial endowment instituted by Mr. Ajith


Alumni Association scholarships

Scholarship by PTA

Sevana jothy scholarship by NSS

Financial aid from Co-op Society

Friday, November 11, 2005


The Sir Syed College is a Post Graduate institution affiliated to the University of Kannur and run by the Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association. Muslim in kannur District generallyand Taliparamba Taluk particularly are educationally backward and the College was established mainly to cater to the educational needs of Muslims of this region. The college is named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to prepetuate the memory of this Great leader who was the pioneeer of Muslim Educational Movement of India. The College satrted functioning as a Junior College in june, 1967. It is situated on a lovely hillock at Karimbam surrounded by an imposing panorama of nature. The calm and serence atmosphere is conductive to Physical, Intellectual and academic persuits. It is situated 3 KM East of taliparamba town and 25 KM North East of Kannur Town. The College is open to students of all castes and creeds. It is secular in spirit and cosmopolitan in outlook. Hostel accommodation is provided for a good number of men and women students at moderate cost. There are regular bus services from various parts of the District to the College.The College has completed 29 years of its glorious existence. The College was upgraded in the academic year 1969-70 with degree classes in History, Commerce, Zoology & Mathematics. B. Sc. Botony course was started from the academic year 1974-75. B. A. Arabic was started from the academic year 1979-80. B.Sc. Chemistry and M. Com. were started in 1980-81. B. Sc. Statistics was started in the academic year 1981-82 and B. Sc. Physics was started in the academic year 1982-83. M. Sc. Botany course commenced from 1984-85. B. A. Economics has been started in 1993-94.
Taliparamba is a small town of only 67,000 people crowded into a small area of 43 squire kilometers. But the undulating hills that surround this little town make it exceptionally beautiful. The surrounding villages of Pattuvam, Kuttikkol and Karimbam are filled with lush green fields and little rolling hills. The rivers of Kuppam and Valapattanam surround the towns from all sides and the Arabian sea is only 14 kilometres to the western side. The hanging bridge at Kuttiyeri and the beautiful riverside temple at Parassinikkadavu attaract a large number of toruists. The Kannur University, Pariyaram Medical College and Sir Syed College are a few famous institutions in and around Taliparamba. The origin of Taliparamba is from the Perinchalloor brahminical settlement. Of the original 2,000 Brahmin families, only 45 remain now. The old name of Taliparamba was 'Lakshmipura' as this place was considered as an abode of prosperity. The 'Raja Rajeswari Temple' and the 'Trichambaram temple' are renowned places of worship. Today Muslims and Christians also form a sizeable portion of the population.